How to Easily Benchmark a Computer in Windows 11 Without An App

22 September 2022

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Computer benchmarks for measuring hardware performance in you can do without using third-party applications.

Running computer benchmarks on your computer can help you check how well your computer’s various hardware is performing and can help you identify problems.

There are tons of third-party benchmarking apps you can use to measure device performance. In this article, Bardimin will give you how to your computer with no you to install the .

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has come with a built-in performance appraisal tool. It can compare system performance and you can use PowerShell and to collect information faster so that it will save time without the need to download other applications and learn.

How to benchmark a computer with the Windows Experience Index

The Windows Experience Index allows users to quickly determine the overall performance of their computer and any current bottlenecks.

To measure the Windows Experience Index Score, you can do it using PowerShell and ().

Computer Benchmarking with Command Prompt (CMD)

The Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) can provide a Windows Experience Index for , , memory speed, and other factors.

  1. Run “ ()” as administrator.
  2. Then type the command
winsat formal
  1. After the process is complete, open the XML file at “C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore”.
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winsat xml

The process will generate several XML files. To open them, you can use the you have. You’ll see detailed test results on those files.

Benchmark Machines with PowerShell

You can also use PowerShell to run the Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) to get the device’s performance score.

  1. Run “PowerShell” as administrator.
  2. Then use the command
Get-CimInstance Win32_WinSat
winsat powershell
  1. The command will generate scores for CPUScore, D3DScore, DiskScore, GraphicsScore, and MemoryScore.

A score of 1.0 is the lowest score

A score of 9.9 is the highest


If you are a gamer or who is looking for the best performance, pay attention to the results of the score. The low DiskScore shows you should replace your drive with one that performs well, like an .

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The low GraphicsScore shows you should immediately replace your with a better one. Likewise, with the low MemoryScore, you need to add more memory.


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