Graphics Performance Optimization (GPU) for Apps and Games in Windows 11

31 August 2022

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You can set Preferences according to your needs to achieve optimal performance from applications or .

The operating system allows users to set graphics preferences for a program to achieve optimal performance. By default, has set preferences for each installed .

The preference feature will dynamically adjust performance based on the power level. This will be very useful on users and devices that run on , but can also be used on other devices running Windows 11.

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In addition, you can also change the graphics preference according to your needs. Like when you want to optimize your PC for gaming and make sure all your run with high performance. Or vice versa, you want to change the performance of the to save power.

How to change Windows 11 graphics preferences

  1. Open ” Settings 11. You can use the keyboard shortcut (WIN + I ).
  2. Then navigate and select “System > Display ”.
  3. Next in the “Related settings” section, select it and click “Graphics ”.
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settings graphics
  1. Then find the or game for which you want to set graphics preferences. Click the to expand and click the “Options” button.
settings graphics pfreference
  1. Graphics preference” pop-up will appear. Choose your desired performance preferences according to your needs.

How to Add or Remove Apps from a custom list of Graphics preferences

If you don’t find the app or game on the list in step 4 before. You can add it by clicking the “Browse” button in the “Add an app” section. Next, navigate to your application.

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settings add remove graphics

Meanwhile, to remove it from the list, you can do it by clicking the “Remove” button on the application.


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