Easy Ways to Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11

10 November 2022

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You can resize , , and icons in if they are too small or too big.

comes with standard or intermediate icons, a taskbar, and a file explorer. However, if you are going to look at your computer for a long time, resize the icon to something more convenient for you, such as small, large, extra large, or any other size.

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One interesting aspect of is the ability to apply multiple levels of customization to fit your preferred method of performing productivity tasks. Microsoft understands what its users want, therefore it has made small but obvious modifications to the , window, search box, and UI .

The size of the icon on your computer should be perfect; they should not be too large so that they take up a lot of unnecessary space, nor should they be so small that you should squint to see them or have difficulty tapping them when using the touch screen.

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Resizing Desktop Icons with the Context Menu

  1. Right-click on an empty area of your .
  2. Then select the “View” option.
  3. Next, you can choose the desktop size of “Large Icons, Medium Icons, or Small Icons” according to what you need.
desktop icons size

Resizing Desktop Icons with Scroll Wheel Mouse

  1. Press the keyboard keys (WIN + D) to switch to the desktop.
  2. Press and hold the keyboard key () and turn the Scroll Wheel to adjust the size of the icon.

“There are 28 sizes to choose from, ranging from extra small to extra large.”

Resizing Desktop Icons with Shortcuts

To use the shortcut, first, use the keyboard keys (WIN + D) to switch to the desktop.

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Icon SizeShortcut
Extra-large icons+ + 1
Large iconsCtrl+ Shift + 2
Medium iconsCtrl+ Shift + 3
Small iconsCtrl+ Shift + 4

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