Google Snake Mod 2022 – Unlock all locked items

7 August 2022

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Snake is an action game developed by and released for and browsers.

There are many variations in snake , but Google Snake is still the best choice. This game is quite interesting and simple to fill your free time and kill the boredom you are experiencing.


Players control long worm-like creatures that move around a square-shaped map viewed from a top-down perspective. In his attempt to make himself longer by absorbing energy balls (in this game, Apple), he must be careful not to hit the walls of the map or himself, as it may cause an immediate Game Over.

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Google Snake Menu Mod

Using this Mod Menu, you will get all the items locked without breaking a sweat.

To use and get this Mod Menu, follow the following guide.

  1. Download the Mod Menu on GitHub at the following link, The Mod Menu.
  2. Then, open .
  3. Click the three dots button, then select “ > Import and “.
chrome import bookmark
  1. Next, in the import window that appears, click on the dropdown button and select the “ Html File” option. Then click the “Choose File” button and navigate to the HTML file you downloaded in the first step. Click the “Open” button to import it.
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chrome import bookmark option
  1. After the fourth step of success, you will see the “More Menu Stuff” button on the Bookmarks bar.
google snake menu mod botton

How to use Google Snake Menu Mod

  1. Open .  Type “” in the Google search.
  2. Then click the “Play” button to open the game.
  3. Before you play the game, click on the “More Menu Stuff” button created in the previous step.
  4. Then click the “” icon on the game. Now you will see all the items are unlocked anymore.
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google snake
  1. Have fun playing.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use the Mod Menu.

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