How to Fix Windows 11 Installation with Error Code 0x8007007f

09 July 2022

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When trying to upgrade to with the Installation Assistant, you receive an Error code 0x8007007f.  Follow these steps to fix it.

0x8007007f Error Codes

Many users have reported seeing the Error code 0x8007007f when using the Installation Assistant to manually upgrade to .

During the upgrade process, the Windows 11 Installation Assistant will display the message “Something went wrong. Select Try again, and if that doesn't work, contact Microsoft support for help. Error code 0x8007007f

This error code causes you to cannot install Windows 11. If you are one of those who are experiencing the same error, continue to follow this article to fix the error.

error 0x8007007f

Causes of 0x8007007f Error Codes

It is not yet known exactly what caused the error 0x8007007f, because Microsoft did not release the cause. Several things are suspected to be the cause, such as insufficient permissions, outdated , insufficient storage space, or possibly corrupted system files.

Insufficient Permissions

If you are running the Windows 11 Installation Assistant without rights, problems may arise. To fix this, simply run the installation assistant as .

Expired Drivers

The problem may also occur when you install an outdated graphics driver on your system. Here, simply update your graphics driver before running the Windows 11 Installation Assistant again.

Not Enough Storage

If you run out of space, an error code will appear, and you need to free up some space.

Corrupted System Files

Damage to system files can also cause the appearance of this error code. You can fix corrupted system files with an scan.

How to fix error codes 0x8007007f

There is no definitive solution to this error yet, so you may have to experiment and see which ways can solve the problem. You can use the following methods as a guide to fix it.

  1. Run Windows 11 Installation Assistant as Administrator
  2. Free Up Space in the System Partition
  3. Update Graphics Drivers
  4. Perform an Scan
  5. Restore System Defaults

Run Windows 11 Installation Assistant as Administrator

Third-party applications, such as antiviruses, can interfere with the Windows 11 upgrade process. After shutting it down or uninstalling it, you can run the Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

To keep the absence of intervention from third-party application services in the background, run the Windows 11 Installation Assistant as an administrator.

Running The Windows 11 Installation Assistant as an administrator is one of the most popular solutions to prevent the appearance of error codes 0x8007007f.

To do this, simply navigate to the location of the file “Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe“. Then right-click and on the options, select “Run as administrator“. Next, follow all the instructions that appear on the screen.

win 11 assistant admin

Free Up Space in the System Partition

One reason you get the error code 0x8007007f is because of insufficient storage space on your system drive.

The Windows 11 Installation Assistant will download and install on your system drive. As a result, if you run out of space on your system drive, an error may appear. Windows 11 requires at least 64 GB of free space to perform the upgrade.

The way you can do to get free space is to follow the article Easy Ways to Free Up Hard Disk Space in Windows 11.

Update Graphics Drivers

Using outdated graphics drivers is not a good idea, and it is very important to ensure that you are running the latest available version.

Many users report that outdated or incompatible graphics drivers are the major cause of this problem.

If your graphics driver expires, you will need to remove it and then download the latest version available for your from the manufacturer's website.

Graphics card manufacturers such as Nvidia, AMD, and Intel have released graphics drivers compatible with Windows 11 before Windows 11 was officially launched. You can also update your graphics driver through the device manager.

update vga driver

Disable third-party antiviruses

The built-in is enough for computer protection. If you have third-party antivirus software installed on your PC, it's a good idea to disable or uninstall it before running Windows 11 Installation Assistant, as many third-party antivirus software can interfere with the installation assistant.

The steps to temporarily disable your antivirus program will vary depending on the program. Disable the antivirus during the upgrade process, and grant Administrator access when prompted.

Perform an SFC Scan

This problem may occur when important system files become corrupted. If you are not sure if any system files are corrupted, just run System File Checker (). You can fix system file corruption by running .

  1. Run () as Administrator. You can open it in the Start Menu and in the search box say ““, then right-click and select “Run as administrator”.
  2. In the window type, the following command and press Enter.
sfc /scannow

For more detailed ways, you can see in our other article How to fix Corrupted Windows System Files with System File Checker (SFC) scannow

Restore Windows System Defaults

Some Windows users remove bloatware to improve performance. Configuring Windows as you need and disabling services you don't need will have a huge impact on improving Windows performance.

You can do this by tweaking applications or others. However, this system configuration change can cause an error code to appear at 0x8007007f when you upgrade to Windows 11.

To fix this problem, simply restore the Windows configuration to its default settings using the same application when you made the changes.

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