How to find out which process is using Windows 11’s TCP and UDP listening ports

5 July 2022

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and ports are unrelated. The TCP stack interprets ports, while the stack interprets ports. Ports allow multiple devices to connect to a node by multiplexing the connection.

As a result, higher-level protocols may technically use the same or different and UDP port numbers. One computer, on the other hand, can communicate with two different services at the same time using the same and UDP port numbers.

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Web servers, for example, bind to TCP port 80. To make it easier to remember, applications use the same for TCP and UDP. Although two applications connected to the same can perform the same function, TCP and UDP ports are not the same. They are independent of each other.

TCP/UDP Port Grouping

Ports 0 – 1023:

This TCP/UDP port number is the most common and well-known port number. These ports are assigned to specific server services by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). For example, port 80 is used by a web server.

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Ports 1024 – 49151:

These are ports that organizations, such as developers, can register for use on certain services.

Ports 49152 to 65535:

The port number that can be used by client programs, such as web browsers. When you visit a website, your web browser will assign that session’s port number from within this range. As an developer, you are free to use any of these ports.

Checking Applications Using TCP/UDP Ports in Windows 11

11 has provided a built-in utility to monitor port usage. Using this utility, you can monitor the process or that is using the port in real-time.

  1. Open ” Resource Monitor “. Click the Start button on the , then in the search box type ” resource monitor “. And select the application in the search results.
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Resource Monitor open
  1. In the application window that opens, then click the “ ” tab. On the panel, click “ Listening Ports ” to expand.
Resource Monitor listening port

From the picture, you can find out which application is using the port in the “Image” column and you can also get information from Address, Port, Protocol, and Status.

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