How to Add Google Drive on File Explorer In Windows 11

28 October 2022

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If you have a lot of documents stored on , you can integrate into the .

Many people have used Google Drive to store work documents. However, most of them still use browsers and go through uploading and downloading files every time they use them.

Did you know if can be directly embedded in ? So you don’t need to use a to upload and download files. You can access files on Drive just like you would any other file in .

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How do I embed Drive in File Explorer? This Bardimin article will explain how to do it and step by step.

How to Add Google Drive to File Explorer

  1. Download Google Drive Desktop from its official page.
  2. Install the Drive for that you downloaded earlier.
install google drive
  1. Then sign in with the Google Account of your choice.
google drive login
  1. Next, open File Explorer and you will see a new drive with the name Google Drive. If you click “My Drive“, you will see all your files stored there.
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file explorer google drive

Important Settings of Google Drive Desktop

To open the Google Drive Desktop , you can do this by right-clicking the icon on the System Tray and then selecting “Preference“.

google drive sync

Google Drive has two options for synchronizing files with your computer:

  • Stream files, files stored in the cloud. space is only used when you open a file or make it available offline. Files that are not available offline can only be accessed when you are connected to the internet. File Explorer will only store the specific files you need.
  • Mirror files, your files are stored in the cloud and the computer. You can access your files even when you don’t have an internet connection. All files on Google Drive will be duplicated in File Explorer.
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