Easy Ways to Change or Spoof MAC Address on Windows

25 June 2022

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A can set or limit connected PCs based on addresses.

A MAC address is a unique physical address assigned to each adapter on a computer or mobile device. Just like IP addresses, addresses can also be used to perform management if you are a .

The major difference between IP and addresses is that IP addresses are dynamic and change according to DHCP Server , although you can also assign a static IP address. Whereas MAC addresses are static, MAC addresses are attached to the network adapter. The network will use the MAC address to perform network management on a specific device. Like giving special permission only on a certain PC or .

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In general, PC users do not need to change their MAC addresses. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for some users to fake MAC addresses to overcome various network problems or limitations.

Bardimin, in this article, we will provide a guide to changing the MAC address on a PC or using the Windows operating system.

Changing Windows MAC address

This guide uses , but in almost the same way you can use it to change MAC on , 8, and 7.

  1. Open “. You can do this by right-clicking on the “Start” button and then selecting in the options that appear.
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open device manager
  1. Then navigate to “Network adapters”, and click to expand. All network devices supported by your PC will appear. This display will be different for each PC according to the network card installed in the device. Then select the network card and right-click, select ” Properties “.
change mac address
  1. In the Properties window, click the ” Advanced ” tab, then select ” Locally Administered Address ” and on other devices, the option may be ” Network Address “. And in the Value field, enter the MAC code of 12 hexadecimal characters (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, and F).
  2. Click the “OK” button to save and restart your PC.
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Random MAC address on Wi-Fi Windows

On windows 10 and 11, you can randomize MAC Addresses from Wi-Fi. Every time the PC restarts, Windows will change the Wi-Fi MAC Address to protect you from being tracked.

  1. Open “Settings” Windows, you can open it with a shortcut ( WIN + I ).
  2. Then navigate to “ Network & internet > Wi-fi ”.
random mac address
  1. Then select “Random hardware addresses” and slide the switch to the right to activate it. If you do not find this feature, it means that the Wi-Fi adapter card on the device you are using does not support it.


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