How to Rescue Your Files When Windows Won’t Boot

1 July 2022

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The you are using cannot boot? And you need the data files stored in it immediately. Don’t panic, follow these guidelines to resolve the issue.

Maybe you have experienced suddenly that the operating system you are using ( 10 or 11) does not boot. Meanwhile, at the same time, you need a data file stored on the PC.

The causes of Windows not being able to boot can be various, starting from damage to the Windows hardware and software itself. Windows cannot boot because of damage to Windows files. A virus attack, a failure of the update process, or because of bad sectors on the Hard drive can cause the damaged Windows, you are using.

There are two methods to save and retrieve your data files when Windows won’t boot. The first is to remove and connect the hard drive to another PC. And the second is to boot using the “Live CD“.

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Save data by moving the hard drive

This first way is the easiest. As long as your hard drive is still detected, you will be able to copy your data files.

converter to usb

You can do this by:

First, remove the or you are using. Refer to the manual of the PC/Laptop you are using for how to remove it. Because the position of / for products can vary. Before disconnecting, make sure the equipment is free of electricity to avoid you being electrocuted.

Second, to connect to a PC you can do it through

  1. Second , connect HDD/ as the second hard drive. You can do this method if the still has slots (IDE, SATA, Nvme) left. If the HDD uses a SATA connector, simply connect the HDD to the by using a SATA cable.
  2. Converter to USB, you can connect HDD/SSD to a normal PC on the USB port. Use the converter corresponding to your HDD port, such as “SATA to USB” or “SSD Nvme to SATA”.
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Third, Turn on your PC and copy all your data files. As long as the HDD/SSD you are using is still legible, you can still save it. If an HDD is detected and you don’t see your files, the or HDD partition may be damaged. Use the “Data Recovery” app to recover.

Save data with “Hiren’s BootCD PE” Live CD

You can use the following method if the PC can still turn on and cannot enter Windows. You can use a variety of operating systems available on a Live CD, one of which is quite popular is the “Hiren’s BootCD PE“.

First, set up a or Bootable CD. If you are using Hiren’s BootCD PE, you can create a Bootable CD by burning the file to a CD which you can download here. And if you want to use a , also download the “ISO2USB.exe” file. Then run the ISO2USB file.exe and navigate to the ISO file. Creating this will erase all the contents of the Flash drive you are using. We recommend that you back up the Flash drive data first.

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Second, Turn on the PC and boot from USB or CD. Look at the manual of the PC you are using. In general, to choose the boot option is to press the keyboard key “Esc, F2, F10, or F12″ when your new PC starts up.

Hirens Boot CD PE 1100x618 1

Third, after the PC enters Hiren’s BootCD PE, you will see a screen display similar to Windows 10 and there are already various kinds of utilities that you can use to copy data files or file systems and data recovery.


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