How to Login to Windows 11 Using PIN

05 August 2022

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Using a is a quick and secure way to sign in to device.

Windows 11 offers a wide variety of ways to log in. The most commonly used way to log in to is to use a .

Besides this method, you can also log in using your face, fingerprint, , physical security key, and picture .

In this tutorial, Bardimin will provide a guide on how to log in to using a .

A PIN is a set of numbers or a combination of letters and numbers that you set yourself. In , the minimum length of the PIN is 4 characters.

How to Create Windows 11 PIN

  1. Open ““. You can open it with the keys ().
  2. Then select “Accounts > Sign-in options“. On the right-hand panel, click “PIN ( Hello)” to expand. Next, click on the “Set up” button.
pin set up
  1. In the verification window that appears, enter your . Click the “OK” button to proceed.
pin verification
  1. Next, a window will appear to create a PIN. Create the PIN you want. The PIN can be numbers or letters with a minimum number of 4 characters. Click the “OK” button to create a PIN.
pin create

Login to Windows 11 with PIN

After you create the PIN as in the previous step, restart your PC. On the Windows 11 Login page, you will be able to log in using a password or pin as shown below.

sign in options

By using a PIN, you can log in to Windows quickly and it's easier to remember a PIN than a long password.

Change the PIN regularly to increase the security of your PC,

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