How to Quickly Clear Cache, Cookies, and History on Google Chrome

4 July 2022

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Clearing , cookies, and browsing history can help resolve performance issues.

When you visit a page, Google Chrome will store some information from the site in and cookies.

With cache, you can quickly access sites you’ve visited before and load them quickly. Also with the presence of stored cookies, you can visit the site without logging in. And every time you visit a web page, will record it in the history.

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And the more you visit, the more data will be stored. Under certain conditions, you will experience problems with , such as slow performance, broken site display, and so on. Clearing , cookies, and history can solve many problems.

If you don’t want Chrome to store all that information, you can use Chrome in private browsing mode (Incognito).

Disadvantages of clearing Cache and Cookies

With a cache, web pages will load faster, and clearing the cache will result in the having to re-render images, videos, and other parts of the page from scratch.

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Meanwhile, if you delete cookies, it will result in you having to re-enter your user and on the login page on sites that implement user-based access.

How to Clear Google Chrome Cache and Cookies

  1. Open .
  2. Press the keyboard key “ + + Delete ” to open “ Clear browsing data ”.
clear cache chrome
  1. Select the time range for the cache and cookies that you want to delete. In this section, you can choose the time range for the last time you visited the web page.
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clear cache chrome range
  1. Then select the option you want to delete. You can clear the browsing history, cookies, and site data, as well as a cache of images and files.
clear cache chrome option
  1. Then click the ” Clear data ” button to start deleting.


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