How to create a virtual USB Flash drive in Windows 10

12 December 2021

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A flash drive is an imitation of the flash drive we are used to seeing which functions as a flash drive. With the flash drive, we can also store data in it, we also remove and install it like a real flash drive.

The thing that distinguishes a flash drive from an ordinary one is that there is no physical form of the flash drive.

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Creating a virtual in is quite easy. Because already has a feature to make it. How ????

Steps to create a Virtual USB Flash drive on Windows

1. Open “Disk Management”

In the search button type “” and select “ Create and format hard disk partitions ”.

virtual device 01

2. Select Action Create VHD

In the window click and select ” Action “, then select and click ” Create VHD “.

virtual device 02

3. Create VHD files

To create a VHD file, click the “Browse” button and select a storage location and name the VHD file you created. Then determine the amount of storage capacity that you will create, for example, 4000 MB. Note the unit you are using 1 TB = 1 000 GB = 1 000 000 MB. For the file format, you can choose between VHD and VHDX. Then click the “OK” button.

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virtual device 03

4. Initialize disk

After step 3 is complete, a new disk will appear with the status “Not Initialized”. Next, you have to initialize the disk by right-clicking on the disk and selecting ” Initialize Disk “.

virtual device 04

Then select the partition model you want to use, MBR or GPT, and click the “OK” button.

virtual device 05

Then click on “ Unallocated ” then create the partition by right-clicking and selecting “ New Simple Volume ”. Confirm from each wizard window that appears.

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virtual device 06

If all processes are complete, you will see in the file manager like this

virtual device 07

5. Installing and removing the USB Virtual Flash drive

You can install and remove a USB from the file manager by selecting ” Mount ” to install and ” Eject ” to remove it.