Samsung SSD Integrated Software Installer 1.0–SSD Utility and Clone HDD to SSD

2 August 2022

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Software Installer is a program that combines Samsung Magician and installed at once without a separate installation.

Samsung SSD Magician 7.1.1

provides a conveniently integrated solution for SSDs with advanced capabilities.

software is developed and distributed only to Samsung Solid State Drive (SSD) users.

Samsung SSD Magician 7.1.1 Features.

  1. Drive Info
  2. SMART
  3. Performance
  4. RAPID
  5. Performance Optimization (TRIM)
  6. Diagnostic Scan
  7. PSID Revert
  8. Encrypted Drive
  9. Overprovisioning
  10. Secure Erase
  11. Security –added to manage Samsung Portable SSDs.
  12. Help Center–added in using .
  13. Chatbot–added to help you solve questions about Samsung Magician.
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Samsung SSD Magician 7.1.1 Installation Guide.

  1. Samsung Magician does not require an internet connection to run it. However, an internet connection is required to get updates for the latest firmware, feature modules, or applications and to authenticate the .
  2. If you delete some New Samsung Magician files without an internet connection, some features such as certification or configuration may not work properly and cause limitations in using New Samsung Magician.
  3. SSDs should not be disconnected from the system while FW Update, Benchmarking, Secure Erase, Provisioning More, Data Security, PSID Restore,  Diagnostic Scanning, Performance Optimization, or RAPID features are in progress. Doing so may cause data corruption.
  4. All parallel operations must be stopped before running a Diagnostics, Performance Optimization, or Benchmarking Feature scan.
  5. Data corruption can occur if the user stops the Magician app abnormally while Benchmarking, FW Update, Secure Erase, Diagnostic scanning, Over-provisioning, Data Security, PSID Revert, or RAPID features are in progress.
  6. There is always a risk of data loss when updating the firmware. The user must back up all important data before performing a firmware update.
  7. For the Samsung Magician to work properly, it must set correctly the PC time.
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Samsung Data Migration 4.0

helps users quickly, easily, and securely migrate all their data–including their current operating system, software, and user data–from existing storage devices (e.g. HDDs) to their new Samsung SSDs.

With Samsung Migration software, you can easily migrate your current operating system, software applications, and user data to your new Samsung SSD.

Supported Operating Systems

7 SP1 (32/64 bit), 8 (32/64 bit), 8.1 (32/64 bit), (32/64 bit), (64 bit)

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Samsung SSD Integrated Software Installer v1.0

Samsung SSD Magician v7.1.1

Samsung Data Migration v4.0


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