IsMyLcdOK 5.01 – Utility to Check “dead /paralysed/stuck” pixels in LCD

20 August 2022

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is a utility for finding dead or paralyzed on the .

The is quite small and simple, which is very useful for PC users to test the LCD they are using. The software requires no expertise in monitors and LCDs or expertise in display technology.

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IsMyLcdOK is available in a portable version so it doesn’t have to be installed and can be run easily from the , and you can run it with a small USB stick or another memory device.

IsMyLcdOK Features

1. Pixel Tester with different colors and gradients:

  • [1] = White Test
  • [2] = Black Test
  • [3] = Red Test
  • [4] = Green Test
  • [5] = Blue Test
  • [6] = Cyan Test
  • [7] = Purple Test
  • [8] = Yellow Test
  • [9] = Horizontal gradient
  • [0] = Vertical gradient
  • [F7] or [V] = Vertical line
  • [F8] or [H] = Horizontal line
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2. Small graphical stress test:

  • [F2] = BitBlt MB/s. Test
  • [F3] = Rectangular Paint
  • [F4] = Paint Line
  • [F5] = Endurance test

How to Use:

When you start “IsMyLcdOK” for the first time on a PC, you will see a license on the screen. The program is of course free for all, the license info is displayed only the first time (per PC).

shows you without detours and immediately in the program starts all the features and testing options. However, it can also be called with the F1 key.

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From here, you have access to several tests that depict colors, gradients, and lines that help find dead or lame . You can exit the program with the ESC key.

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