How to Install Nmap with GUI in Windows 11

1 September 2022

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is becoming one of the most popular tools for scanning and mapping networks and for finding weak spots.

(Network Mapper) is a free software for security auditing and scanning. Many systems and administrators use it for activities such as inventory, service update schedule management, and monitoring host or service uptime.

Nmap uses new techniques to detect active hosts on the network, available services ( name and version), operating systems, packet filters/firewalls, and hundreds of other characteristics. The app is designed to quickly scan large networks, but it also works well against a single host.

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Main feature

  • Flexible: Supports hundreds of complex approaches to mapping a network full of IP filters, firewalls, routers, and other bottlenecks. Many port scanning techniques (both and ), OS detection, version detection, ping sweep, and other features are included. Please see the documentation page.
  • Powerful: scans large networks from hundreds of thousands of machines.
  • Easy: Nmap offers a rich set of powerful features for power users. You can start as simple as ” nmap -v -A targethost “. Traditional and graphical (GUI) versions are available to suit your preferences.
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Supported Operating Systems

, Microsoft , FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, IRIX, OS X, HP-UX, NetBSD, Sun OS, Amiga, and many more.

Install Nmap on Windows 11 with GUI

  1. Download Nmap 7.92.
  2. Download Npcap 1.71. Nmap 7.92 is still using Npcap 1.50, skip this step if you don’t want to update Npcap.
  3. Install the downloaded file (Nmap & Npcap ).
nmap npcap
  1. Once the installation is complete, run “Nmap– ”.
  2. Set “Target” and “Profile”. Click the “Scan” button to scan the target.
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nmap zenmap gui

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