Easy Ways to Install Flutter on Android Studio and Windows

24 April 2022

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Flutter is an open-source framework developed by for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

As a mobile app SDK, Flutter enables developers to develop high-quality native interfaces for iOS, Android, Web, macOS, and devices using a single codebase. This allows developers to write code once and use it on different software.

In this article, Bardimin will provide a guide to installing Flutter on and .

Minimum System Requirements

To be able to use Flutter on , you must ensure that the system you are using meets the following requirements:

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Install Flutter SDK

  1. Download the latest version of Flutter SDK Stable Channel.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to ” C:\flutter “.
  3. Update on ” Environment Variables ” Windows. You can open it via “ > Advanced > Environment Variable ”.
Environment Variable

Then in the window that opens select ” ” and then clicks the ” Edit ” button

Environment Variable edit

At the end of the field ” Variable value ” add a separator “; ” and then add the Flutter SDK location, which is “ C:\flutter ”.

Install and Setting Android Studio

  1. Download and Install Android Studio.
  2. Open Android Studio . Then select “ > Plugins ” and type “ flutter ” in the plugin search. Then from the search results select the Flutter plugin and install the plugin. Then restart Android Studio.
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instal flutter plugin
  1. Go to “ > Languages & Frameworks > Flutter ” and in the right pane type the flutter location “ C:\flutter ” in the “ Flutter SDK ” field.
  2. Go to “Settings > Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Android SDK” and make sure you have ticked “ Android SDK command-line tools ” and then click the “OK” button to install it.
instal flutter command line

Install Visual Studio Community

  1. Download and install the latest version of Visual Studio Community.
  2. On the tab “ Workload ” install “ development with C++ ” by ticking it and then on the right pane (“Installation details”) also add to install “ MSVC v142 ” or the latest version of MSVC.
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visual studio community 2022
  1. Then continue the installation process to completion.

Accepting the Flutter License Agreement

To use Flutter, you must agree to all the terms of the Flutter license agreement. Open () and type

flutter doctor --android-licenses

Press “ y ” to accept all license agreements.

Check for Problems with Flutter Doctor

To make sure there are no more problems with the Flutter installation, you can use the command

flutter doctor
flutter doctor

At the bottom if there is already a description ” No issues found! ”, Flutter is ready for you to use. If there is a problem, solve the problem according to the information provided.

Good luck and work.


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