Windows 11 Factory Reset Guide

22 June 2022

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We can see that Windows works well when we use it after the installation is complete. When we access files, applications, or other things, will feel fast and light.

The longer we use , the slower we feel, and the more often it happens. The appearance of errors like “Not responding” or “” is undoubtedly quite annoying.

A variety of things can cause these problems, including Windows updates, installation of applications or programs, corrupted Windows files, viruses, and many other causes.

Factory Reset is the easiest way to fix all these errors or problems.

Steps to Factory Reset Windows 11

  1. Type ” ” into the Windows search bar and click ” this PC “.
recovery 06
  1. To start the PC , click ” “.
factory reset
  1. Select ” Keep my files ” and choose if you want to remove all installed Windows software, , and , but keep the files in your MyDocuments. If you want to remove everything from your computer, select it and click ” Remove everything ” Windows will return to the way it was at the beginning of the installation.
recovery 08
  1. Next, select ” Local reinstall “.
recovery 09
  1. After that, select ” Next
  2. When you are ready to reset the computer, click the ” Reset ” option.
recovery 11
  1. The PC will restart several times when the reset procedure begins.

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