How to Limit Internet Data Usage in Windows 11

14 September 2022

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lets you limit the use of data for internet access to match your internet subscription data plan.

Setting your as a metered connection is one of the simplest ways to reduce data consumption. Metered connections limit the amount of data uses in the background and allow limits to be set on the total amount of data your computer might use in a time.

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You can apply restrictions on data usage in for Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. This feature is useful for monitoring your data usage and also for making sure you don’t exceed your monthly bandwidth quota over a metered connection.

How to Set Data Usage Limits in Windows 11

  1. Open “Settings“. You can use (WIN + I).
  2. Navigate to “ & internet > Advanced > Data usage“. Then click the “Enter limit” button to set the data usage limit.
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setting data limit
  1. In the dialog box, fill in the according to the data usage limit you set.
set data limit

Limit type

  • Monthly: data usage limit in one month
  • One time: the limit of onetime data usage within the time range you specify.
  • Unlimited: unlimited, just for monitoring

Monthly date: the date when the amount of data usage will return zero.

Data limit: the maximum limit of data usage in MB/GB units.

How to Change and Remove Data Usage Limit in Windows 11

Once you’ve added the internet data usage limit , as mentioned above, you can also change or remove those .

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setting data limit edit

To change click the “Edit limit” button and to remove it click the “Remove limit” button.

Enabling Metered Connection to Reduce Data Usage

With Metered Connections, you can further reduce data usage on your computer. 11 uses less data for background programs and stops when Metered Connection is enabled for the network.

setting metered connection

To enable it:

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  2. In the “Metered Connection” section, swipe right the toggle button to turn on.

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