Easy Ways to Delete, Reset, and Disable Quick Access in Windows 11

14 September 2022

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is where you see all your recently opened files, apps, folders, pictures, etc., and lets you quickly access them again.

Microsoft includes functions primarily to increase user productivity and help manage frequently used files quickly and effectively.

by default opens , which includes the locations you visit recently and regularly and the locations you have pinned there. includes recent folders and files and most items are added automatically. However, you can manage manually.

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Deleting and rearranging the Quick Access folder will delete all frequently pinned and pinned folders in Quick Access, and restore the default pinned , Downloads, Documents, and Pictures folders in Quick Access. This can be helpful if you’re having trouble using to Quick access, Unpin from Quick access, and resetting the Quick access folder back to default.

How to Delete Quick Access Folder in Windows 11

  1. Open “ 11. You can use the shortcut (WIN + E).
  2. Then click the “Three Dots” button on the menu and select “Options”.
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file explorer options
  1. Next in the “Folder Options” window, click the “Clear” button in the “Privacy” section.
folder option clear

How to Disable Quick Access Folders in Windows 11

In “Folder Options”, uncheck “Show recently used files”, “Show frequently used folders” and “Show files from Office.com”.

folder option disable recent

Unpin Pinned Items in Quick Access in Windows 11

  1. In Quick Access, select the folder you want to unpin.
  2. Then right-click and select “Unpin from Quick Access”.
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file explorer unpin quick access


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