How to View WiFi Password in Windows 11

26 January 2022

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When you connect a Windows 11 PC to a Wifi , will store the password for that Wifi. The saved password will be used by to connect the PC to the Wifi automatically if in the future you will connect again.

When you forget the Wifi password and you want to connect a new device to the Wifi , you can still see the passwords stored in .

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View the currently connected Wifi password

  1. Open Windows Settings by using the key (Win + I).
  2. Then select ” Network & internet “, then select and click ” Advanced network “.
wifi network 01
  1. Next select ” More network adapter options
wifi network 02
  1. In the window that opens, the ” Wifi adapter” icon will appear. Then select and right click on the Wifi icon . And then select ” Status “.
wifi network 03
  1. In the window that appears, then click the “ Wireless Properties ” button.
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wifi properties
  1. Security ” tab and tick ” Show characters ” to view the password.
wifi password

The steps above can only be used on a Wifi network that is currently connected to your PC.

Wifi network passwords that you have connected you can do by using the as in the following tutorial.

View Wifi password with Command Prompt

  1. Open and see all Wifi networks ever connected with command
netsh wlan show profiles

the command will display all profiles of Wifi networks that have been connected and stored on your PC. Then look for the Wifi network profile that you want to know the password for.

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cmd wifi profiles
  1. Next, to find out the password for the Wifi network , type the command
netsh wlan show profile name=" UserProfiles " key=clear | find /I "Key Content"
cmd wifi password

From the example above, you can find out the password for the Wifi network ” Zzzzzzz ” is “pas12345”.