How to show hidden passwords with an asterisk

24 January 2022

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Almost all passwords on web browsers will always be hidden or disguised with an asterisk (********). This is done to increase the security of the .

What happens if you write the unprotected with an asterisk and you are in a public place. Maybe people around you can peek or steal passwords easily.

In some cases, there may be provided a way to view the , usually with an eye icon near the field where the is entered.

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login page

What if the with an asterisk is not provided how to display the password?

Steps to display password in web browser

In this tutorial, Bardimin will use the as an example. You can use the same method for other browsers.

  1. Right-click on the password field and select “Inspect”.
inspect element
  1. You will see the “Developer tools” window open. In the window notice the highlighted html code.
developer tools inspect
  1. Change the code in ( type =”password ” ) to ( type=”text” )
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change input type
  1. After you change it to type=”text” you will see the password that previously only displayed an asterisk (*******) has now changed to text that you can read .
show hidden password

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