How to Enable or Disable Fullscreen Optimizations in Windows 11

3 March 2022

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The Fullscreen Optimization feature on devices aims to improve PC performance and provide users with a better gaming and video experience. When this feature is on, the operating system prioritizes and resources to enhance and videos in full-screen mode.

By default the feature in 11 is active. But sometimes, this feature causes a decrease in FPS when playing . The solution to this problem is to disable the Fullscreen Optimization feature.

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To disable the Fullscreen Optimization feature in 11 you can do it through the . If you disable it via , this feature will be disabled for all applications. And if you only want to disable it for certain applications, you can do so from the properties of the .

How to disable Fullscreen Optimization via Registry

  1. Open “ Editor ” via the Windows search key by typing “”.
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  1. In the window navigate to “ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\ GameConfigStore ”. Then create a new key by right-clicking and selecting “ New > DWORD (32-bit) value ”.
  1. Name the new key ” GameDVR_DSEBehavior “.
  2. Change the value of RenameNameTemplate by right-clicking and selecting “ Modify… ”. And in the new window that appears in the ” Value data ” field, type the number ” 2 “.

2: Disable Fullscreen optimizations.

: Enable Fullscreen optimizations.

Disable Fullscreen Optimization for Certain Applications

  1. Open the “Properties” of the ’s exe file by right-clicking on the exe file and selecting Properties.
  2. Compatibility ” tab, then tick “ Disable fullscreen optimizations ”.
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