How to Change the Default Name “New folder” in Windows

2 March 2022

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Creating a new folder is very easy. Almost any computer user will ever do it. Have you ever done it?

On , when you create a by default it will be named “ New folder ”. No problem with the name. But you know, if you can change the default name.

You can replace it with any name as long as it doesn’t contain the character \ / ? : * ” > ”.

Changing the default “New Folder”

  1. Open “ ” via the search key by typing “”.
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  1. In the window navigate to “ HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > > CurrentVersion > Explorer ”. Then create a new key by right-clicking and selecting “ New > Key ”.
  1. Rename the new key with ” NamingTemplates “.
  1. Then on the right panel right-click and select ” New > String Value ” to create a new key. Name the key with the name ” RenameNameTemplate “.
  1. Change the value of RenameNameTemplate by right-clicking and selecting “ Modify… ”. And in the new window that appears in the ” Value data ” field, type the default name of the you want, for example, ” New Bardimin folder “.
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  1. After that close the Editor and try to create a . If the ’s default name has not been changed, restart your computer to see the results.