How to Enable Drag and Drop Files on the Windows 11 Taskbar

27 January 2022

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One of the interesting features of Windows is the “Drag and Drop” files on the . With this feature, you can drag files from to the icon on the Windows taskbar to open them.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has removed the capability in . But the good news is that Microsoft will bring back in Windows 11 and it will be available to all users in 2022.

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In the meantime, you can reactivate the “Drag and Drop” feature by using an from a third party.

Drag and Drop Toolbar for Windows 11

One utility you should try is the “Drag and Drop Toolbar for ” from V3TApps which you can install from the .

How to install “Drag and Drop Toolbar for Windows 11”

  1. Open the .
  2. In the search field type “Drag and Drop Toolbar” and press the search button. In the search results click “Drag and Drop Toolbar for ”.
drag and drop
  1. To download and start the installation click the “Get” button.
drag and drop

After running the Drag and Drop Toolbar for Windows 11, there will be a small toolbar attached to the top border of the user’s screen. Users will be able to drag files onto that toolbar to select the target window, then drop the file onto the selected target window. The entire process is fast and fluid and helps maximize productivity when drag and drop across applications are required.

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drag and drop

Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar (Fix)

This utility is open source available on GitHub. This program fixes the missing “Drag & Drop” function support in Windows 11.

Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarFix works with the new Windows 11 and doesn’t require bad changes like UndockingDisabled or classic restore. And it doesn’t change any system keys (except autostart for itself when manually configured) and it doesn’t inject any DLLs into other processes, so it’s a very portable solution. This program will not interfere with further as it does not change any system files. It’s an independent C++ process that does all the work.

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How to install “Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar (Fix)”

  1. Download from GitHub .
drag and drop
  1. Run the downloaded file “Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarFix.exe”.
drag and drop

Then you can try dragging files from to the icon on the taskbar. You will notice that the “drag and drop” feature has been enabled on your Windows 11 system.