Changing the Location of the Windows 11 Taskbar

28 January 2022

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One of the design changes from is the appearance of the Taskbar like MacOS in the middle. All the pinned apps and the Start button are in the center of the screen with a simpler and more modern look.

Actually, you can change the position of this to be on the left like the display on previous generations of Windows.

To change the position is quite easy, you can follow the following tutorial.

How to change the position of the Windows 11 Taskbar

  1. Right-click on an empty area of the , then select it and click on “ ”.
  1. In the window that opens, in the area to the right swipe down and then select and click “ Taskbar behaviors ” to see the available options.
  1. Next on “Taskbar alignment” , click on the dropdown button to see the available options. You can select “Left” or “ Center ” for the taskbar location.

If you select the taskbar view on the left, the taskbar display and the Start button will be in the same location as in and earlier. And you can return the taskbar position back to the default by changing the option to ” Center ” in step three.


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