Chrome: Lock your Browser with a Password

2 February 2022

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Has become a common habit, if we often save the user and password on the browser that we use. Because to save it, it will be easier for us when re-entry to the website that we visit.

If you often share with others to use the PC, it would be nice if you protect the you use to add a password on your profile. Lock the with add a password will further protect your privacy.

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To do this, you can use Extensions from Google .

Using Extension LockPW

  1. Add the Extension LockPW on your .
  2. On the new tab that opens, click the “Next” button to proceed to the “Setting”menu
  1. On the “Setting” menu, create a password to activate the browser. One feature that is quite interesting extension of this is the “Auto lock”, if you enable, the browser will lock up after the time you specify.

Every you open the browser , you will be prompted to enter a password that you have created as follows.

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lockpw login

Using Extension Browser Lock

  1. Add the Extension Browser Lock on your chrome browser.
  2. Then create a password to lock the chrome and enter the email that will be useful to recover password if you forget it.
browser lock password
  1. Next you can set the “Setting” to your liking or leave it to default .
browser lock setting
  1. To lock the browser, you open the extension and then you click the icon of the three dots and on the options that appear you click on “Lock the Browser”.
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browser lock active

will only lock in the browser if the “” you click.