Easy Ways to Fill a Freon AC Home

1 February 2021

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One of the causes of air conditioning is not cold is a lack of freon and the amount of dirt. When the freon on the is reduced and not in accordance with standards can cause the formation of ice flowers in the pipe near the outdoor valve that can cause the compressor to become hot quickly and over time can experience damage.

Actually, the freon on the AC will not be reduced as long as there are no leaks in the system. When the leak is very smooth, over time the amount of freon will decrease. To overcome this is to replenish the reduced AC freon according to its standards.

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How to Fill Freon AC home is not difficult. Want to know how?

Equipment and Materials to Fill Freon AC

  1. Manifold Gauge
  2. Tang Ampere (AC current gauge)
  3. Screwdriver
  4. England lock
  5. Freon R22, R32 and R410 (adjust to charged air conditioning)

How to Fill a Freon AC Home

  1. Turn on the AC Unit
  2. Install manifold gauge hoses on the AC, and also attach the ampere pliers to the cable to measure the current.
    The hose that will be connected to the charging manifold must be installed correctly. Because if it is not installed correctly or incorrectly in its installation then the needle on the manifold will not move.
  3. Check how much pressure the AC freonn first.
    The standard freon pressure R22 is 57.6 – 84.1 psig. 
    The standard freon pressures R32 and R410 are 120 – 160 psig.
  4. If the ac freon pressure is too low, there is a possibility of leakage. Check for the leak before filling.
  5. Fill the freon
    slowly Do the filling carefully. Keep in mind, when filling below 40 psi then the ac pipe will issue ice flowers. Do the filling continuously until the ice flower is gone, and if the needle has shown a number above 40 psi then the ice in the pipe will disappear by itself.
  6. Adjust the freon pressure with the compressor ampere.
    If the AC has a size of 0.5 pk then you should fill it with a maximum freon pressure of 60-70 psi. If 3/4 and 1 pk the maximum is 80-90 psi. However, if the maximum pressure has not been reached and the ampere is close to the maximum number (maximum ampere can be seen on the AC outdor label) the charging should be stopped. Because if the ampere exceeds the existing limit then the compressor can overload or disconnect.
    For example, if the AC has an ampere of 1.9, then when filling the freon do not get more than 1.9 ampere. Because if forced then the compressor will die.
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For more details you can see the following video from Your Teacher Video: