Easy Ways to Clean Your Own AC at Home

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On November 11, 2021
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The air temperature in the tropical climate is quite warm, making air conditioning a primary need at home, especially in the dry season. Almost every day we are in a room equipped with air conditioning. At home, at work, at school, and even in the car there will always be air conditioning.

Air conditioners that function as home coolers often don’t get attention. Not infrequently even though the house is equipped with air conditioning, its function is not fully optimal and tends to be hot to cool the room.

The working principle of the air conditioner is to circulate the air continuously or circulate the air and make it cool. Because it continues to rotate the air, the dirt carried from the air will accumulate in the air conditioner so that the air conditioner will become dirty in just a few months

For this reason, you must continue to wash the air conditioner regularly. Minor cleaning can be done as often as possible, for example once every two weeks. Meanwhile, major cleaning is done once every three months. You can use the services of a technician or clean the air conditioner yourself.

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Dirty AC. Source: review.bukalapak.com

The dangers of a dirty and poorly maintained air conditioner

If not regularly maintained properly and properly, an air conditioner can become a nest of dirt and dust. The dirt then spreads again throughout the room so that it enters through the sense of smell. If your immune system is a little weak, you can be more susceptible to disease, especially in the respiratory tract. These include chronic coughing, nasal congestion, and even eye irritation.

Dust that continues to accumulate on the AC filter can make its performance even heavier. As a result, the air conditioner is not able to cool the house to the maximum, and also the electrical power used becomes wasteful.

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Here’s How to Clean Your Own AC

1. Clean AC Filter

For safety, first, turn off the electricity to the AC. Open the AC body and you will immediately see the AC filter. Clean using a duster, rag, or vacuum cleaner. If you want to use a cloth, it’s a good idea to use a cloth that is not too wet so that it can lift the dust that sticks.

You can also immediately rinse the filter with clean water and hang it to dry. If the filter is dry, then you put the filter back into the air conditioner.

2. Clean Evaporator

Clean the dust stuck to the cooling grille with a brush. If you find it difficult to reach with a brush, use it with a toothbrush without using water, especially the Roller Fan (a round fan made of plastic that produces wind).

To clean this section, you can use a special liquid to clean the air conditioner. This liquid is widely available in online stores at affordable prices.

Spray the special liquid into the evaporator and then let the liquid flow carrying the dirt that sticks to the evaporator. Also, prepare the base under the evaporator because there will be a lot of dirt that falls on the floor of your house.

3. Clean the Fan

Also, clean the AC fan with the same liquid. You can immediately clean the fan at the same time as cleaning the evaporator. How to clean it is also the same as spraying a special liquid on the dirty fan

4. Clean the Outside

Use a brush to clean dust or dirt stuck to the cooling grille (which is shaped like a car radiator). Use a toothbrush to clean in tight places and the brush doesn’t reach that area. When cleaning for this initial stage we do not need water and detergent. This step is not required to clean from the inside because the dust that sticks is only the outside and cleaning from the inside in the next step requires detergent and water.

Make sure there is no electricity, on the AC cord, then you can spray the outside of the AC with running water and detergent. Wash the outside of the air conditioner with water running down the hose and set it to a medium speed so that it is strong enough to carry dirt but not to damage the air conditioner’s components.

5. Clean AC Surface

After you clean the filter, evaporator, and the outside of the air conditioner, the last step is to clean the surface or casing of the air conditioner. You can clean the surface of the air conditioner with a clean, dry cloth.

Wipe up the sidelines of the air conditioner’s surface because dirt will usually stick to that part. after that, put the AC casing back into the AC body and you have finished washing your air conditioner.

Wait 2 hours or so for the AC to blame, the longer the better. For the first power on, position the remote to the FAN position, not to the COOL, DRY, or AUTO position. The goal is to remove the remaining water in it, 10 minutes later it can be changed to the position you want.

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