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3 August 2022

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is a collection of utilities packaged into a single program with an easy and user-friendly interface.

LanSpy assists administrators in the maintenance and management of their networks.

With , you can quickly scan ports that collect information about open ports on a remote computer. Then will display services that use this port.

lan spy

LanSpy collects the following information about remote computers: Ping, domain name, NetBIOS name, address, server data, domain data (workgroup) Domain controllers, Remote control, time, disk, shuttles, users, Logged users, Global Group, Local groups, Security options, Shared resources, Sessions, Open Files, Services, Processes, , and so on. , , event log.

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LanSpy Features

  • Audit your for security issues
  • View processes on a remote computer
  • Display a list of installed applications on the workstation
  • Share detection, open ports, and user accounts

Supported languages

The software is available in the following languages:

Dutch, English, Italian, Polish and Russian.



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