How to add and set up a Gmail Account to the Mail app in Windows 11

18 January 2023

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Almost all modern electronic devices can synchronize with an email account. And if you’re using , you can add and manage multiple email accounts on your computer from a single location.

11 has an Email App built into the operating system. When installing 1 1, Setup will configure the Mail with your credentials, allowing you to send and receive emails immediately.

Besides sending and receiving email from , the Mail app supports email accounts from other providers, such as iCloud, Yahoo!, and . Adding additional email accounts to the Mail app in makes it easier to keep track of your emails as it provides a single area for all your email communications.

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This article will explain how to add and configure to work with the Mail app.

How to Configure Multiple Email Accounts in Windows

  1. Open Windows . You can open it with shortcut keys (WIN + I).
  2. Then navigate to “Accounts > Email & accounts“.
  3. Next, click the “Add account” button on the right-hand panel.
  4. Then a dialog box will appear to select an email account. From there, you can add many email accounts such as ,, Office 365, Yahoo, iCloud, and so on. In this example, Bardimin will add a account, and select “Gmail“.
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Setting add email
  1. In the dialog box, enter the “Gmail Account” that you want to add. Click the “Next” button to continue. Then enter the “” of the account.
windows mail login gmail
  1. will then ask for confirmation to grant permission to Windows. Click the “Allow” button to allow.
windows mail permit
  1. Now your Gmail account will be available in the Mail app. Your inbox will be synced and ready for you to use.

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