24 Pinout Voltage at ATX Power Supply to the Motherboard

25 September 2022

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The converts alternating current (AC) power into low-voltage controlled direct current (DC). Some devices include a choice of manual input voltages, while others automatically adjust.

The converts the voltage from the power line to a lower voltage level for use by the computer’s internal components. These internal components have varying voltage requirements, which must be met by the mains. Power is supplied to all parts of the computer through various connections.

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The 24-pin connection was created as part of the Advanced Technology Extended () v2.2 specification. The 24- Power Supply provides an extra 3,3-volt, 5-volt, and 12-volt lines, as well as additional ground to provide power to components such as the , memory, and expansion cards.

A 24- connection is required for any Power Supply that complies with version 2.2 or higher. Even on computers with a 24- Power Supply, additional connections may be required for components that need power. Typically, hard disks and optical drives require their interface. cards often draw power from the and separate connections.

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24-pin ATX Power Connector Pinout Reference (ATX version 2.2)

atx 24 pin
PinNamaCable ColorInformation
1+3.3VOrange+3.3 VDC
2+3.3VOrange+3.3 VDC
4+5VRed+5 VDC
6+5VRed+5 VDC
8PWR_ONGrayPower Good
9+5VSBPurple+5 VDC Standby
10+12V1Yellow+12 VDC
11+12V1Yellow+12 VDC
12+3.3VOrange+3.3 VDC
13+3.3VOrange+3.3 VDC
14-12VBlue-12 VDC
16PS_ON #GreenPower Supply On
20NcWhite-5 VDC (Optional – Removed in ATX12V v2.01)
21+5VRed+5 VDC
22+5VRed+5 VDC
23+5VRed+5 VDC

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