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On April 27, 2022
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GPS is a app that gives fake and natural-looking coordinates. You won't be able to tell if these are the coordinates of the GPS or the real coordinates of the device.

Why Use Kaizala GPS

Today, many online applications request access to your location. Access to your location they will use for various purposes. These interests can be positive or negative.

To protect your privacy from location access that may have negative purposes, you can fake your location with “”. Many Fake GPS applications are available on the Playstore, you can choose the one you like.

is one of the Fake GPS applications that has the key feature of not being tracked if you use Fake GPS. The Kaizala GPS app assigns fake coordinates to other apps on your device with natural-looking coordinates.

Like the “ Request to mark attendance” in Kaizala social app, you won't be able to tell whether or not to use Fake GPS.

kaizala coordinate

Main feature

  1. Coordinates like without Fake GPS
  2. Maps of various styles
  3. Recording favorite locations
  4. Random coordinates around the created marker
  5. No need to “ROOT” the device

Where to Get Kaizala GPS

You can get Kaizala GPS app on Playstore. Type the “Kaizala GPS” in the Playstore search menu or you can also get it via the following link.

kaizala gps featured images

Download Kaizala GPS

How to use

To use Kaizala GPS you don't need to ROOTED the device. You just need to do:

Running the Kaizala GPS app

  • Determine the location , you can search for the place or location you want from the search menu. You can also do this by sliding the map. If you have saved a favorite place, you can call it from the favorites menu.
  • Adding a Marker, add a marker on the map by ” long press on the map ” until the marker appears. This marker will be a fake coordinate point for the GPS.
  • Run the Service, to run it click the “play” button at the bottom right of the map. After the service is running the button will change to “pause”.
kaizala menu

Description of Kaizala GPS Menu

  1. Search Button
  2. Add to favorites , add a place that is given a marker to a favorite location.
  3. Favorites, a list of saved favorite places.
  4. Map Style, map display is available in 6 style options. Light, Dark, Outdoor, Street, Satellite and Satellite Street.
  5. , application .
  • Reset Data, to delete all data and restore the application to its original settings.
  • Random Marker , the application will randomize the coordinates within a of x meters from the marker point. So you don't have to move the marker to get different coordinates of the place ( GPS never produces the exact same coordinates even if you are in the same place ).


The Kaizala GPS application is only intended to protect your privacy from unauthorized location access or other negative purposes by other applications by falsifying your location.

In addition, to test your application, which is in the development stage, by making a location simulation.

Kaizala GPS is not intended to violate or manipulate. All risks that occur because of using it that violates the rules are the full responsibility of the user.

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