How To Fake GPS Location by Using BlueStacks for Online Attendance

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March 25, 2023
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How To Fake GPS Location by Using BlueStacks for Online Attendance

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Online attendance is currently widely used by organizations or companies. The existence of online attendance like this, on the one hand, will have a very good impact on improving employee discipline. Under certain conditions, the forced implementation of online attendance will become a burden.

Online attendance is a system of recording employee attendance or absence that is done electronically, without having to use paper or manual attendance books. In the online attendance system, employees usually have to use certain applications or websites determined by the company to record upon arrival or return.

The attendance data will then be stored digitally and can be accessed by management for administrative, payroll, or decision-making purposes related to employee management. The use of online attendance is considered more efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly compared to manual attendance systems.

Most online attendance applications require recording location coordinates.  Regardless of the pros and cons of whether location recording or location tracking is legal or not, it is important to note that there are security and privacy risks when personal information, including location, is collected and stored.

Therefore, any company or organization that uses location tracking must ensure that they have adequate procedures and systems in place to protect personal information and ensure individual privacy is maintained.

Can I fake my GPS location?

Yes, faking GPS (Global Positioning System) location is indeed possible. However, the process is quite complex and requires technical knowledge and specialized tools to do so.

Several techniques can be used to fake GPS locations, one of which is to use an application or software called “GPS spoofing”. The application or software allows users to enter coordinates into their device so that the device will display the .

However, to use such applications or software, users usually need to have sufficient technical knowledge, as well as have to modify the operating system of their device, which can harm the device.

While faking GPS location may be done by some irresponsible parties, it should be noted that it can harm you or others.

Faking GPS Location on Android Device

Faking GPS location on devices can be done easily using the “Fake GPS” app on the Play Store.  The app allows users to enter fake location coordinates into their devices. Once installed, users can specify the location they want to use as a fake location.

Android devices have a that allows users to perform advanced settings on their devices. In , users can enable the “Allow Mock Locations” option that allows the device to use the fake location.

The way to fake location on more advanced Android devices is to use root software.  If the Android device is rooted, users can use software like “Lucky Patcher” or “Fake GPS Pro” to spoof the GPS location on their device.

Detecting Fake GPS Location on Android Devices

Several apps can help to detect fake GPS locations on Android devices. One popular app is “GPS Status & Toolbox”, which can help you check if the GPS location displayed on your Android device is real or fake.

Online attendance application developers currently use this technique to detect the use of “Fake GPS” applications that falsify GPS locations. You come across many codes to detect it on the , such as on GitHub.

These codes are effective enough to prevent the use of fake GPS location applications that are widely circulated in the Play Store. Even some of them can detect rooted Android devices.

Is the use of such fake GPS location detectors without loopholes?  In this tutorial, Bardimin tests several online attendance applications available on the Google Play Store that use fake location detection to see whether it is effective enough.

Faking GPS Location Using BlueStacks

Of the several online attendance apps that Bardimin tested using BlueStacks, it turns out that most of them can't detect the use of fake GPS locations.  The test procedure carried out is as follows:

  1. Download the latest version of BlueStacks from the official website.
  2. Then install the downloaded “BlueStacksInstaller.exe” file.
  3. Follow all installation instructions that appear on the screen until the installation process is complete.
  4. Open the “BlueStacks” app.
  5. Install the Online Attendance application you want to test. If you install it from the Google Play Store, you'll be prompted to sign in using your Google email if you're not already signed in. You can use any Google email or create a new email.
  6. Now that's the main part, specifying fake location coordinates in Bluestack.
  7. Click the Set location icon button or use the shortcut by pressing the key (CTRL + SHIFT + K).
  8. Then at the top left, click the “Search” button.
  9. In the dialog box that appears, type the address or location that you want.
  10. Click the “SEARCH” button in the dialog box.
  11. Select a location from the list of available by clicking on it. If the location you're looking for has multiple places, you'll be shown several possible matching locations. Select one of the appropriate locations.
BlueStacks fake lokation
  1. Location points will be displayed with red markings. You can move this point by clicking on the map of the new location.
BlueStacks fake lokation move marker
  1. After the position of the marker point is appropriate, click the “Set Location” button on the top right.
BlueStacks fake lokation save location
  1. Then return to the “Home” page, by clicking the home icon or using the keys (CTRL + SHIFT + 1).
  2. Run the app you tested and use it to mark presence.
  3. Did you manage to bypass all the fake GPS location detection????


This tutorial is only used to test the weakness of fake GPS location detection in online attendance applications available on the Google Play Store, not to be used for irresponsible things. All risks are your responsibility.

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