How to Select Files Using Invert Selection in File Explorer Windows 11

13 October 2022

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Invert selection” is one of the 11 features that will make it easier for you to select files.

The Invert selection command will change the current selection so that everything that was not previously selected will now be selected and vice versa. If there is no selection, the entire image area will be selected.

11 has many features for selecting files. This ranges from left-clicking to selecting individual files to drawing a rectangle around the file to select files within that rectangular area.

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will make selecting files even faster, such as holding down the SHIFT key while left-clicking on a file allows users to select multiple files at once from a selection of files in Active Directory. And you can also select certain files by using the CTRL key.

Also, in ’s , if you need to select many files, you don’t have to waste time holding down the key and clicking each file. There is a faster way to do this. You simply select the files you don’t need (less of files) and then you can reverse the selection by using the “Invert selection” feature.

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How to use Invert Selection in File Explorer

  1. In File Explorer, select the file you don’t want.

You can select multiple files by using the or key and clicking on the files.

  1. Then click the “three dots” button and select “Invert selection”.
File Explorer Invert selection
  1. Now you will see the selected files are reversed.

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