How to Remove Startup Programs – Prevent programs from automatically running in Windows 11

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By default many applications place themselves at startup, so they will run when starts. You can set it to make faster.

The more applications that run automatically will make Windows heavier and slower. Not all applications that run automatically are harmful, such as antivirus. You can specify which applications should run automatically and which should not. If you never or rarely use Skype, auto-starting Skype is not a wise choice.

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You can remove programs from Windows startups in various ways. you can delete it from the , , or from the itself. And you can also use apps like CCleaner to remove apps from startup.

Disabling apps from Windows 11 Startup

  1. Open ” , you can open it with the key ( Win + I ). Then click “ Apps > Startup ”.
startup windows 11
  1. You will see a list of applications that run automatically when Windows starts. Select the apps you don’t need and turn them off by sliding the button to the left.
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Disabling applications from Startup Programs via Task Manager

  1. Open “ ” or with the key ( + + Esc ). Then click the “ Startup ” tab.
startup task manager
  1. Next, select the that you want to disable and then right-click and select ” Disable “.

Removing applications from Startup Programs with CCleaner

The previous method could only disable the from the startup program and could not remove the from the startup list. To remove it from the startup list, you can use an such as CCleaner or others.

  1. Open the application and then click on “ Tools > Startup ”.
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startup ccleaner
  1. Select an application in the list, you have several options to manage the application. Select Enable -> to run automatically, Disable -> to disable the application, and select Delete -> to remove the application from the startup list.

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