How to Use Clipboard History in Windows 11

14 March 2022

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You must be used to doing “Copy & Paste” in carrying out your work activities using a computer. Using it will speed up and facilitate the work you do. You can copy a sentence and change part of it as you need. You don’t have to write everything from scratch.

Every time you copy (Ctrl + C) a piece of content, then you have to paste it (Ctrl + V) where you want it. That’s how to do “Copy & Paste” that most people use.

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has a feature that can store items you copy in large quantities. And you can paste it later. feature that has this ability is “Clipboard History“. It will automatically save every time you copy it on the . After copying, you don’t have to paste it, you can copy other content without deleting what you copied earlier.

Enabling Clipboard History in Windows

To activate History, you just need to press the keyboard key (Win + V). Then a window will appear from the History. Then click the ” Turn on ” button.

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How to Use Clipboard History

To copy an object to the Clipboard, you can do so by using the shortcut to copy (Ctrl + C). Each time you press (Ctrl + C), the item you copied will be saved on the Clipboard. You can copy anything, text or images.


As for how to paste from the Clipboard, you hover over the part you want. Then open by using a key (Win + V). then click the item you want to paste.

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Disabling Clipboard History

To disable , you open “ by using the key (Ctrl + I). Then select ” System > Clipboard “. In the right panel, select “ and slide the switch next to it to the left to disable it.



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