How to Reset Forgot Windows 10 Password

18 December 2021

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Have you ever forgotten your ? What do you do when you experience this and you can’t get into because your user is locked or disabled?

Lots of OS users when they forget the password choose to reinstall. Reinstalling Windows is not an easy job when the PC/ you are using has a lot of data stored and also many important applications installed on it.

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If you have previously created a “password reset disk”, you can easily do the password recovery process. Or if you use a user from a “”, you can visit the Microsoft website to request a new password.

In this article, Bardimin will share how to the password on Windows using an open-source called ” chntpw ” which has the ability to remove, bypass, unlock and passwords from Windows.

Steps to reset forgot Windows 10 administrator password

1. Download “ chntpw ”, you can choose the bootable version from CD or USB.

CD version –> burn the “” file to a blank CD

USB version –> extract and copy all files to the root of the .

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2. Boot the PC/Laptop from the CD/USB which already contains the “ chntpw ” file

To boot from a CD/USB, you can change the boot order in the BIOS by placing the CD or USB first. On some PCs/Laptops, you can choose via the Boot Menu by pressing the “F12″ or ” fn + F12″ keys when the PC/ is just turned on and has not started loading Windows.

3. Selecting the location of the Windows installation partition on Chntpw

Press Enter to proceed to the next screen which will ask you which disk Windows has installed.

chntpw 01

The screen will show all the Windows partitions on the drive with a number next to them. If there is one Windows OS installed on your computer, just type the number 1 and press Enter.

chntpw 02

4. Select the registry section to be edited

Type the number 1 and press Enter because we will be resetting the Windows user password stored in the SAM file.

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chntpw 03

5. Edit user data and password

Now we will be presented with the Main Interactive Menu of chntpw . Type the number 1 and press Enter.

chntpw 04

6. Choose the username that is reset

Select the username to be edited by entering the RID number.

chntpw 05

You will then be prompted to select an option to remove passwords, unlock and activate user accounts, or promote users to administrators.

To the password, simply type the number 1 and press Enter.

chntpw 06

Once the password is cleared, type “q” to stop continuing.

chntpw 08

7. Exit chntpw and save changes

Type “q” to exit the chntpw program.

chntpw 07

Type “y” and press Enter to save changes.

chntpw 09

8. Reboot your computer and enter Windows without a password.

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