How to Quickly Open Task Manager in Windows 11

18 January 2022

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Task Manager Tasks is a system monitoring tool that provides information about the processes and programs running on the computer, as well as the hardware usage of the PC you are using. Such as , Memory, Hard disk, Ethernet, and usage.

In Windows 11, the can no longer be opened by right-clicking on the taskbar. You can open the in in several ways.

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Here Bardimin summarizes the various ways to open the in .

Right Click Start Button

On the taskbar right-click the Start button and then on the options that appear select Task Manager.

right click start button

Press (Windows + X) on the keyboard

Same as the previous way, to display options from Start by using shortcuts. On the keyboard press ( + X) then select Task Manager in the options that appear.

windows + x

Press (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) on the keyboard

This is the fastest way to open the Task Manager in . You can simply use the shortcut by pressing the keys ( + + Esc ) to open the Task Manager directly.

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task manager

Press (Ctrl + Alt + Del) on the keyboard

This method will be very useful if the PC you are using is not responding and you want to force-turn off the annoying application. By pressing ( + Alt + Del ) on the keyboard, Windows will display several options. Then select Task Manager.


Using the search in the Start Menu

Click the “Start” button on the taskbar, then type “task manager” and select the “Task Manager” application.

search task manager

Using Command Prompt

Open “ ” and type “ taskmgr ” then press “Enter”. The Task Manager will open immediately.

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cmd task manager

Using Windows Run

This method is almost the same as using the command prompt. The only difference is that you open it via ” “. To open “” you can use a shortcut by using the key ( Windows + R), then type ” taskmgr “. Then click the “OK” button to open the Task Manager.

win run task manager