How to Quickly Open Task Manager in Windows 11

18 January 2022

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Task Manager Tasks is a system monitoring tool that provides information about the processes and programs running on the computer, as well as the hardware usage of the PC you are using. Such as , Memory, Hard disk, Ethernet, and usage.

In Windows 11, the can no longer be opened by right-clicking on the . You can open the in in several ways.

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Here Bardimin summarizes the various ways to open the in .

Right Click Start Button

On the right-click the Windows Start button and then on the options that appear select Task Manager.

right click start button

Press (Windows + X) on the keyboard

Same as the previous way, to display options from Windows Start by using shortcuts. On the keyboard press ( Windows + X) then select Task Manager in the options that appear.

windows + x

Press (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) on the keyboard

This is the fastest way to open the Task Manager in . You can simply use the shortcut by pressing the keys ( Ctrl + Shift + Esc ) to open the Task Manager directly.

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task manager

Press (Ctrl + Alt + Del) on the keyboard

This method will be very useful if the PC you are using is not responding and you want to force-turn off the annoying . By pressing ( Ctrl + Alt + Del ) on the keyboard, Windows will display several options. Then select Task Manager.


Using the search in the Start Menu

Click the “Start” button on the , then type “task manager” and select the “Task Manager” .

search task manager

Using Command Prompt

Open “ ” and type “ taskmgr ” then press “Enter”. The Task Manager will open immediately.

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cmd task manager

Using Windows Run

This method is almost the same as using the . The only difference is that you open it via ” “. To open “” you can use a shortcut by using the key ( Windows + R), then type ” taskmgr “. Then click the “OK” button to open the Task Manager.

win run task manager