How to Enable and Use Live Captions in Windows 11

07 June 2022

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Live Captions is a new accessibility feature in 11 that turns the audio you play into easy-to-read text.

The Live Captions feature will make it easier for users to understand speech by looking at the subtitles on the content. 11 will automatically generate subtitles for any content with voice and speech even if your device is not connected to the Internet.

The Live Captions feature supports any audio source with captions, even user dictation via a connected microphone.

To be able to enjoy this feature, you must use Windows 11 22H2. Unfortunately, the new Live Captions feature supports speech in English (US) only for now.

How to Activate Live Captions Windows 11

  1. Open 11 by using the key ( ).
  2. Then select “ Accessibility > Captions
  3. Next, in the Live Captions item, slide the switch to the right to activate it. You can also activate it.
  4. After you activate the Live Captions button, you will get a notification to download. Click the Download button to continue the setup.
live captions setup

How to Style Live Captions Windows 11

  1. There are several default styles that you can choose from. White on Black, Small caps, Large text, and Yellow on blue.
  2. You can also create and customize styles by clicking the “ Edit ” button.
  3. Then set the font size, color, opacity, effects, and background according to your taste.
live captions edit

How to Use Live Captions Windows 11

  1. Press the key ( WIN + + L ) to open the Live Captions window.
  2. Adjust the Live Captions . You can adjust the position of the window on the top, bottom, and floating on the screen. Apart from that, you also have the option to filter out obscenities and add a microphone as an audio source.
  3. Next play audio or media that has audio. Live Captions will automatically translate the audio into text.
live captions setting

Live Captions only supports English (US)

  1. Example. Open the song on and activate Live Captions as follows
live captions example

Microsoft hopes to launch in October 2022 and has confirmed Build 22621 as the RTM (feature-locked version) of the update.

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