File Sharing between Hyper-V Host and Guest

24 July 2022

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You can share files between hosts and guests on in the following ways.

Hyper-V is a Microsoft hardware virtualization that allows you to create and run software versions of computers, called virtual machines. Each acts like a full-fledged computer, running the operating system and programs.

How to create a (VM) on you can see in another Bardimin article, Creating a Virtual Machine In Windows 10 Without Applications.

In this article, Bardimin will discuss some ways to share files you might do between Host and on .

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Sharing devices and local resources between Host and Guest on Hyper-V

  1. Open Hyper-V Manager and click “Hyper-V Settings“.
hyper v setting
  1. Make sure “Enhanced Session Mode Policy” on the Server and “Enhanced Session Mode” on the User have been activated.
hyper v enhanced session mode

If your Hyper-V host is running , , or Windows 8.1, Enhanced Session Mode is enabled by default. But if running 2016 or 2012 R2, do this first.

  1. Enable the “Hyper-V Guest Service Interface“. You can activate it by right-clicking on the and selecting ““. Then on “Integration Services“, check “Guest service“.
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hyper v guest service

The Hyper-V Guest Service Interface provides a Hyper-V host interface for copying files to or from a virtual machine.

  1. Then run the Virtual Machine that you have created.
  2. Next click “Show Options” on the pop-up window.
hyper v show option
  1. And then select the “Local Resources” tab and click the “More” button.
hyper v more
  1. Next, in the “Local devices and resources” window, select the device you want to share by checking it.
hyper v device
  1. Now, you can access the device through on the Virtual Machine.
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Edit VMConnect Settings

You can distort the connection - by checking the “Save my …”. If you check this option, the connection option will no longer appear if you are running a Virtual Machine.

hyper v save setting

To change the VMConnect connection settings, you can do it through the .

VMConnect.exe   /edit


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