How to Sharing Printers in Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 7

15 November 2021

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The use of printers together is common we see widely used in offices and at home. The main requirement for your printer to be able to use it together is the existence of a LAN or WIFI cable .

By sharing a printer, one printer can be used by many computers/laptops. How to share printers in , 10 and 7 is basically the same. In the following tutorial, we will use an example using 10. The same method can be used on all versions of Windows, from Windows XP to .

Types of printers:

rj45 usb
  1. USB Printer
    Generally, the printers that we encounter have a USB connection to connect to a computer, such as the L series inkjet printers, Canon Pixma series and others.
  2. Network Printer with LAN connector ()
    Printers with this feature are usually found in medium-high end printers. To connect to a network, this type of printer can be directly connected to the network via the port. Examples of these models include the HP Laserjet P4515 printer, HP Color LaserJet MFP E77822 and others.
  3. Wifi Printer with Wifi connection
    For this model, you can connect to the network wirelessly. Printer models that have features like this are for example the L3150 WiFi All in One Printer.
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Actually, there are several other connection models, such as LPT port, Bluetooth, and others. But we rarely use this model.

How to share a USB printer

sharing printer usb 1

1. Install driver printer

  • Install all cables according to the printer installation instructions in the manual. Do not turn on the printer.
  • Use the driver from the CD that comes with the printer or download it from the official website. Install the on the computer.
  • Turn on the printer if the installation process asks to turn on or the driver installation process has been completed.

Use a driver that corresponds to your version of windows.

add printer driver

2. Sharing printer USB

  • Open “ -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Advanced sharing settings“.
  • Activate”Network Discovery” and “File and
printer sharing 01
  • Turn off “Password Protected Sharing” on All Networks
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printer sharing 02
  • Go to “ -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers“, select the printer you want to share, then right click and select “Printer properties“.
printer sharing 03 1
  • Open the “Sharing” tab (1), if the sharing option is off click “Change Sharing Option” (2).
  • Tick “Share this printer” (3) and change “Share name” (4) of printer as you want or leave it default.
printer sharing 04 1

3. Connect Client

In order for other computers/PCs to use, you need to connect the computer/PC to the computer/PC in the previous step.

  • Open Explorer, type the IP address or name of the target computer(1). For example: “” or “server-pc”.
  • Then select the printer you want and double click the printer (2), wait and follow all the process until it’s finished.
  • When finished, you can use the printer.
printer sharing 05

How to share Network Printer

sharing printer network
  • Connect the printer to the local LAN network.
  • Printer IP settings, if there is no on the network ( Server). The printer and computer IP must be on the same subnet, for example:
  • Click the start windows icon and type add printer. Then select “Add a printer or scanner“.
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printer sharing 06
  • Click “Add a printer or scannner”
printer sharing 07
  • Then select the printer from the list and click Next, follow all the process to completion.
  • The printer is ready to use.
printer sharing 08
  • If the printer does not appear in the list, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed“.
  • Then it will appear as shown below and select Add a printer using /IP
printer sharing 09
  • Fill in the printer IP address or printer name.
  • Then click Next and follow the process to completion.
printer sharing 10

How to share a Wifi Printer

For setting the printer via wifi, the steps that must be done are the same as above.

If the client PC that will use the printer is connected to wifi, make sure the wifi SSID you are using has access to a local network (LAN).

If you are using a Wifi Printer, make sure the printer network settings are correct.

If there are still problems or problems in sharing the printer, please leave a message in the comments column.

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