How to Easily Block Game Apps

13 February 2021

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Having a crazy child or brother playing is certainly very annoying. Because when it is sedated by , children will forget to eat, learn and others.

However, you don’t have to worry. With the features that exist in , you can overcome them. Continuing the previous article, How to Easily Prevent Ransomware and Malware with SRP, () you can use to block certain applications that we do not want().

In this article, we will use the second technique, namely Black Listing.

Block app/game steps with SRP

  1. For steps 1-7, see here.
  1. By default the Security Level on has been set in “Unrestricted”, meaning that all installed applications are allowed to use.
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  1. Select “Additional Rules”, delete all default rules in the right column by right-clicking and selecting “delete”
  1. Create a new rule, right-click and select “New Path Rule” (1), in the popup window you can type the folder (2) or can click “Browse” and select the folder (3). Make sure the security level is “Disallowed” (4). Then click OK.
  1. For example, we block games01 installed on program files and games02 on drive C.

Good luck…