Brave Browser, Blogger Income Killer

The Brave browser was first introduced in 2016. Brave is a free, open-source browser developed based on Chromium.

The main focus of developing Brave is privacy which by default will block online ads and disable website trackers.

Brave’s ability to block ads by default will potentially hinder Blogger’s earnings from ads.


Instead Brave gives users the option to enable optional ads to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) cryptocurrencies that they can donate to content creators.

Brave Browser Features

Some of the features that Brave relies on that Bardimin cites from the Brave website are:

  1. Able to load pages 3x to 6x faster than Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  2. Privacy and security by blocking ads and website trackers, malware protection, and more.
  3. Can support your favorite sites with Brave Rewards with BAT cryptocurrency.
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While the comparison of features with other browsers is as in the following table.


Download Browser Brave

To download the Brave browser you can visit the official website at to get the latest version. Brave browser is available in two versions, a desktop version, and a mobile version. For the mobile version, you can download it on the Playstore.