2 Easy Ways to Check Windows 10 Laptop Specifications

Doubt, are the specifications of the laptop you want to buy the same as the one in the ad?

When you plan to buy a new or used laptop, you certainly want to check the specifications of the PC or laptop.

The most accurate way to check the specifications of a laptop or PC is to check the device you want to buy directly.

How do you ??? Follow the following How to Easily Check Laptop Specifications guide.

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How to Check Laptop Specifications through System Properties

Open System Properties
For how to open system properties you can see here

system properties 03

Image caption:

  1. Processor : Intel i7 950
    Frequency : 3.06 GHz
  2. RAM: 24 GB

How to Check Laptop Specifications through DxDiag

  1. Press the window + R keys on the keyboard together, then type“dxdiag”and click the“OK”button.
  1. Brand specification information and type mainboard (Gigabyte, X58A-UD3R), bios, processor, RAM (memory)
  1. Installed VGA Card Information (NVIDIA GT 630, 979 MB)
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