Portable Sentinel Hard Disk 6.01 – HDD and SSD Health Tester

10 August 2022

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Did you know? Data loss because of hardware failure occurs 7 times more often than data loss because of computer viruses.

Sentinel (HDSentinel) is an for monitoring and analyzing the health of SSDs and HDDs. The goal is to find, test, diagnose, and fix hard issues, report, and display and health, performance degradation, and failures.


Sentinel can also be used to test external hard disks, SSDs and RAID.

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Features of Hard Disk Sentinel

  1. Monitoring in real-time the status of drives () and solid state disks (SSD).
  2. Diagnose hard disk issues (health, temperature, or performance).
  3. Test the hard disk to reveal and fix problems.
  4. Warnings to predict and avoid HDD failures.
  5. Scheduled and automated backup functions.
  6. Remote monitoring, advanced control, and management features.
  7. General system information and status.

Features of Linux Sentinel Hard Disk

  1. Displaying hard disk / solid state disk information in the terminal
  2. Create a comprehensive report on the disk system, including special features of the hard disk and (for example, the speed of media rotation, trim commands, etc.)
  3. View and manage hard disk acoustic (on supported USB disks as well)
  4. Offers output for users and other scripts/applications to process
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Features of Hard Disk Sentinel DOS

  1. The detected hard disk controller and its vendor and device ID. Each device has an associated number (displayed in light blue).
  2. Size, model ID, serial number, revision of all IDE/S-ATA drives connected to this or device.
  3. Temperature, health, and performance values.  NOTE: Performance may differ compared to the value detected in because, under DOS, UDMA mode may not be pre-selected by the BIOS.
  4. Power on time (days, hours, minutes – if supported). Note: this is for informational purposes only, the value displayed under (after a few minutes of testing) is more appropriate.
  5. The controlling device or channel and the location of the device (in light blue). For example. PM = Primary master..
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Supported languages

Currently, over 25 different languages are supported, such as Bulgarian, Czech, English, Hungarian, Italian, French, Romanian, Russian, German, Chinese, Chinese (traditional), Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Dutch, Greek, etc.

Supported operating systems


Hard Disk SentinelPorta ble v6.01

Hard Disk Sentinel LINUX v0.19

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS v1.21

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