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04 August 2022

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GNS3 is widely used to simulate, configure, test, and troubleshoot real and virtual networks.

GNS3 allows you to manage topologies of any size, from those with multiple devices hosted on your to those with multiple devices spread across multiple servers or even hosted in the cloud.

GNS3, which at first could only emulate hardware using a program called Dynamips, has developed and can emulate various hardware, including virtual switches from , ASA from , Brocade vRouters, Cumulus switches, Docker instances, HPE VSR, various appliances, and more.


GNS3 supports not only Cisco hardware. However, GNS3 now supports a variety of additional open source and commercial suppliers. technologies with SDN, NFV, Linux, and Docker allow you to test interoperability among different manufacturers and even try out unusual .

Advantages of Using GNS3

  • Free software
  • Open Source software
  • No monthly or annual license fees
  • There is no limit to the number of supported devices (the only limit is your hardware: and memory)
  • Supports multiple switching options ( Etherswitch NM-ESW16 module, Layer 2 IOU/IOL image, IOSvL2 VIRL):
  • Supports all VIRL images (IOSv, IOSvL2, IOS-XRv, CSR1000v, NX-OSv, ASAv)
  • Supports multi-vendor environments
  • Can be run with or without a hypervisor
  • Supports both free and paid hypervisors (VirtualBox, workstation, player, ESXi, Fusion)
  • Downloadable, free, preconfigured, and optimized tools are available to simplify deployment
  • Native support for Linux with no additional virtualization software
  • Software from multiple vendors is freely available
  • Large and active community (800,000+ members)

Disadvantages of Using GNS3

  • The Cisco image must be provided by the user (download it from, purchase a VIRL license, or copy it from a physical device).
  • Not a standalone package, but requires local software () installation.
  • GNS3 can be affected by your PC's and restrictions because of local installation ( and security , corporate policies, etc).

Download GNS3

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Windows GN3 v

Mac GN3 v

Linux GN3 v

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