How to Search Files on All Computers on LAN Network

15 March 2022

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By using File Explorer on , you can find files easily. All you have to do is type the keyword for the file and click the search button. All files that match the keywords you provide will appear.

You can also search for files from other computers by using File Explorer. Just point to the destination computer and then navigate to the shared folder. Then enter the filename keyword and click the search button.

This method is quite effective if you are looking for files on a particular computer. If you want to search for files on all computers on your local , this method becomes ineffective. You can imagine what if you had to search hundreds of computers on a ?

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To search for files on a local network, you can use free applications that are widely available on the internet. Some free applications that are good enough to do the job can see in the following explanation.

1. Softperfect LAN Search Pro

LAN Search Pro from Softperfect is a free utility that you can use to search for files across your local . You can search by name or file extension. LAN Search Pro lets you search hidden resources, restricted access resources, IP subnets, LAN FTP servers, and more. You can save login passwords to access restricted access resources.

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In addition, you can copy, move, or rename files. And you can also perform result sorting, filtering, export, search within results, and other functions.



2. Softperfect Network Search Engine

Engine works on how to make one computer in the LAN network as a server. Then the Engine will index all the shared files on the network and store them in the database.

To access it, you can open it using a from any computer. With the URL address corresponding to the IP of the computer that is the server.

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Key features of Engine

  • Indexes all available shared folders or only the ones you select.
  • It indexes only filenames and folder names (no file contents).
  • Provides a high-speed searchable database.
  • Accessible via web interface and client.
  • Complete and incremental scheduled crawl mode.
  • Built-in database and web server with the ability to use third-party web servers.



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