How to Fix Slow, Lagging, and Jumping Mouse Cursors in Windows 11

6 December 2022

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Suddenly your cursor becomes slow, lags, and jumps around on the screen, and is very difficult for you to control. Follow these guidelines to fix this.

Mouse cursor movements that feel a slow, , and jumping will be very annoying. Events like these can slow down your productivity or cause errors when trying to create documents or play .


Fix Slow Mouse, Lag, and Jump

There are many causes of the not working correctly, such as slow, , and jumping. The following are the common causes and how to fix them.

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A. Try with another mouse

One of the simplest ways to identify a problem is to try using another . If the same problem also occurs, most likely the problem is not with your .

B. Check the mouse battery

Nowadays, most of us use a wireless mouse, so check the . Check if the is discharged or running low. Replace the and double-check that it is installed correctly.

A low battery will cause the mouse to lack power and may cause the mouse to behave strangely, although lags are more common in this situation.

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C. Try another USB Port

Check to see if there is a problem with the USB port to which your mouse or wireless adapter is attached.

Try a different USB port to see if it resolves the issue. It is possible that a loose connection or a bad port can cause problems with the mouse.

D. Clean the mouse sensor

The mouse sensor is a red light that shines at the bottom of the mouse. When a few dust particles or hair gets in the way, it can cause your mouse to act strangely.

Simply wipe the sensor with a dry cloth and blow it a few times for extra safety before trying it again. Sometimes the particles that cause problems with the sensor are too small to see, but may still be present.

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E. Use a flat, mouse-friendly surface

Make sure the surface where you are using the mouse is flat and mouse-friendly. Dirt can accumulate on the mouse pad and interfere with optical eye tracking. Clean the mouse pad from annoying dirt.

F. Mouse driver update

Because the driver sets how the mouse interacts with the operating system, if the driver is corrupted, the mouse will not work properly. Check if you have the latest from your mouse manufacturer.

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