How to Rename a PC and Join a Windows 10 Domain

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After we create a domain in the and do various as we plan, the next step is to connect the PC-Client with the Domain Server. For how to create a domain you can see in Windows Server 2019 Promotion as Domain Controller.

Before joining, the PC name should be changed with a unique name so that in the there is no PC with the same name. The same name will be a problem when we call the PC using its name (hostname).

Steps to rename a PC and Join Domain

  1. Open Advanced System properties. The first way, type in the search field “advanced system” and then click on the search results “View advanced system ”.
rename pc 01
  1. On the Computer Name tab click Change, a pop up window will appear and on “Computer name”, fill in the name of the PC you want, for example PC-Client. And on the “Member of” click Domain, then fill in the domain name you are going to, for example bardimin.local. After that click OK.
rename pc 02
  1. Next you will be asked to fill in your domain account. Note in user writing, the user is written after the domain name(NameDomainUsername). Fill in the according to your account . Then click OK.
rename pc 03
  1. There will be a welcome if you successfully join the domain. Click OK and restart your PC.
rename pc 04

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