How to check the Windows version

Knowing the operating system version of Windows that you are using is very important. You need this information when installing new software, whether the version of Windows you are using meets the requirements of the software and also for troubleshooting.

There are several different ways to find Windows version information.

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Checking Windows version via “ About

To access the “About” page on Windows, you can do it with

1. Via the start menu

Select Start > Settings > System > About .

2. Through the search system

Type “about” in the search field, then select “ About your PC

check win ver 01

On the About page you can see information on the type of system whether x64 or x86 and you also get complete information on the version of Windows you are using at the bottom.

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check win ver 02

Checking Windows version via “ CMD

To check the Windows version, you can do it via Command Prompt (CMD) by typing

C:>systeminfo | findstr /C:"OS"

Or if you only need version information, you can use

check win ver 03

To find out if windows x64 or x86 can with

C:>set pro

If Windows is x64, you will see there are Program Files and Program Files (x86).

As for Windows x86, you will only see Program Files.

Checking Windows version with ” winver

To see the Windows version with ” winver ” you can do it through the “Run” menu

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check win ver 04
  1. Press the key (Windows logo + R) at the same time.
  2. Type “ winver ” and select the “OK” button
check win ver 05

Here are some ways to see and check which version of Windows you are using.

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